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Wedding Trends Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

Wedding Trends Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

Winter weddings are a magical and the fashion for these events should reflect the beauty of the season. In autumn 2022 - winter 2023, we can expect trend of the bohemian and relaxed styles that have been popular in recent years, as well as new trends that are specifically suited to the colder weather.

About season trends

One trend that is likely to be popular for winter 2023 is the use of rich, luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin. These fabrics have a sumptuous, opulent feel that is perfect for a winter wedding. They are also great at keeping the bride warm, which is especially important for outdoor ceremonies and photo shoots.

Another trend that we can see more in the coming months is the use of layers and textures in bridal gowns.

When it comes to colors, winter brides have a lot of options to choose from. While white and ivory are still popular, we are also seeing more brides opt for darker shades such as navy, plum and forest green. These colors are perfect for a winter wedding and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bridal look.

Separates are also becoming more popular among brides for winter weddings. This trend allows brides to mix and match different pieces to create a unique look that suits their style and body type. Brides can opt for a long-sleeve top paired with a flowy skirt, or a warm sweater paired with a tulle skirt. This trend also allows the brides to use the top again as an evening wear or an evening gown.

Our final thoughts

There is a huge trend on sustainable bridal fashion. More and more designers are using eco-friendly materials and fair labor practices to create dresses that are not only beautiful but also socially and environmentally responsible. This trend is expected to be more popular in the future as people are becoming more environmentally conscious.

Present trends in winter bridal fashion are all about personalization and self-expression, while also keeping the bride warm and cozy. Brides are choosing dresses that reflect their individuality and personal style, whether that means a traditional white gown or a bohemian-inspired dress. With the growing emphasis on sustainability, brides can feel good about their fashion choices as well.