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European brand of designer wedding dresses wholesale

Slanovskiy is Ukrainian factory & brand which creates handmade wedding and evening dresses using French HAUTE COUTURE technology, located in Eastern Europe.

Our factory is located in Ukraine near the boarder with Romania, that allows us to work non-stop. 

How we work:

  • We create collections and sew even one dress only according to a sketch (handmade dresses, very high quality haute couture) for designers and brands producing wedding and evening dresses.
  • We sell ready-made premium quality dresses to wedding salons, boutiques, dress distributors and online stores.
  • We sell dresses to brides (if there is no representative in your region).

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"The design of this wedding dress is a true work of art! ..."


"I had the pleasure of wearing the most enchanting wedding dress that left an indelible impression on not only myself but also on everyone who witnessed our special day. The moment I laid eyes on this ..."


"What a stunning dress, I like the color and materials ..."


"This blush wedding dress is amazing! It creates a warm and feminine look. I enjoyed every moment wearing it.. ..."


"This wedding dress is a classic and timeless choice for a bride! Pure classic, I definitely recommend this model ..."


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"This dress is just beautiful. It fits like a glove and is exactly what I had been searching for. The staff were happy to make any necessary alterations to ensure the perfect fit, and the final product ..."


"I would highly recommend this wedding dress to any bride-to-be looking for a gown that is both beautiful and comfortable. It will truly make your special day even more unforgettable ..."


About our life

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Slanovskiy is a Ukrainian wedding dresses manufacturer that operates worldwide. Our promising team works in B2B worldwide, in three segments at once:

  1. Dresses of the middle price segment at wholesale price. Dresses are sewn according to French technology HAUTE COUTURE, and made of good quality materials (collections of the brand Slanovskiy);
  2. Evening and wedding dresses of high price segment - dresses are sewn only by hand with the use of expensive lace, fabrics, accessories and hand embroidery (exclusively individual orders, because it is impossible to sew two identical dresses);
  3. Wedding and evening dresses Private Label.

Our production is located in Chernivtsi, Ukraine - it is near the border with Romania and Moldova. We are proud of the products we create, because our customers become regular and highly appreciate the cooperation with our European company.

Here you can order wedding dresses directly from the manufacturer.

Our company opened with a small workshop in 2006. But due to high quality tailoring, unique collections and innovative photo and video presentations we grew very quickly.

How we work

We create collections and sew even one dress only according to the sketch (handmade dresses, very high quality haute couture) for designers and brands that produce wedding dresses.

Our company sells ready-made premium dresses under its own brand Slanovskiy to wedding salons, boutiques, clothing distributors and online stores.

Slanovskiy sells bride dresses wholesale (if there is no representative in your region). Slanovskiy brand has the main priorities - quality and premium service, which satisfies our customers since 2006. The company annually produces more than 200 unique wedding dresses. Our talented team of specialists follows all the latest wedding trends, they always collect ideas and sketches from around the world and turn these ideas into fabulous clothes for special occasions.

The advantages you get

You can order stylish wedding dresses in bulk at affordable prices. The Slanovskiy team works with the best experienced bridal designers. Quality is the most important thing for production, so we use the highest quality fabric to ensure that our wedding dresses meet all US and EU quality standards.

The most important thing in the quality of wedding dresses, as we believe, is the technique and talented designers. And we have both, our wedding dresses are constantly being improved. Slanovskiy can produce thousands of dresses to sell wholesale wedding dresses for our customers.

Affordable prices

But our outstanding quality does not really mean a very high price of products. The brand produces great products at reasonable prices. Now you don't have to buy expensive dresses from famous designers. Ukrainian wedding dress designers have proven to customers from all over the world that their dresses can compete with more expensive and famous brands. We have more attractive prices and more interesting designs.