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Bella Napoli collection - chic and exclusivity

Bella Napoli collection - chic and exclusivity

The bridal fashion world is constantly evolving, introducing new and stunning models to delight brides. Our collection, Bella Napoli, exudes the essence of seduction and luxury of the feminine form.

We cordially invite you to explore our collection and place orders for 2023 wedding dresses in your salons and boutiques.

The current fashion trends have been creatively utilized by our designers to call attention to the charm and femininity of your clients. The modern bride is drawn to deep necklines and open backs.

The following 2023 fashion trends are:

  • Romantic dresses with flounces.
  • Delicate dresses embellished with glitter and sequins.
  • Sophisticated cape models.
  • Fabulous outfits with voluminous sleeves.
  • Seductive dresses with bare shoulders.

These outfits are designed to conquer the world! Each bride can choose between open or closed models and look perfect in them. High-quality fabrics provide grace and elegance, and the decorations are thoughtfully executed down to the smallest details.

Here are the most interesting models:

  • Dresses with voluminous sleeves.
  • Off-shoulder dresses.
  • Closed outfits.

Each dress is crafted with a unique approach, making the Bella Napoli collection impressive. Sequins, appliqués, embroidery, pearls, and voluminous flowers add tenderness and charm, while delicate lace and ethnic motives lend a hint of mystery to each ensemble.

We welcome you to purchase wedding dresses for the successful growth of your business. Our website provides all the necessary information to place an order and update your assortment. Our dresses can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Fall in love with the Bella Napoli collection and present exclusive outfits to your brides with brand Slanovskiy.


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