Ukrainian dresses Slanovskiy in MISS/MRS.UNVERSAL-2017 contest


Bridal brand Slanovskiy, famous for its fancy dresses, has represented Ukraine in MISS/MRS.UNVERSAL-2017 contest. This international beauty and talent competition took place in Batumi, Georgia from 1st to 5th of July 2017.

The contestants were from different countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Israel, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Nepal, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, SAR, Birma (Myanmar), Kenia, Botswana, Cameroon,  Lebanon, Emirates and Albania. The Super Gran Prix title won Israel contestant Aneta Marinina, and she had the chance to put on Unique Crown made of white gold, incrusted with gems and brilliants, and more than 100 000USD worth. The Crown is spangled with 365 brilliants, which matches the quantity of days in a year, and its patterns symbolize 4 nature elements: fire, water, earth and air. Next year the Crown will go to the new winner, and meanwhile it will be kept in bank and its name is not announced. 

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